Tap and Jazz Combo Classes

Tap/Jazz Combo classes are an exciting way to learn two styles in the one class, it is available from our Mini’s through to our Intermediate Age Groups.                                                     

CDA offers exciting Tap and Jazz Combination (Combo) classes for our Mini’s, Sub Junior, Junior and Intermediate age groups. The Combo classes are an hour in duration – 30 minutes of Tap followed by 30 minutes of Jazz (45mins per style for Intermediates, 1.5hour class). These are open classes designed to give students the diversity of learning 2 styles in the one class. Combo classes are a fantastic way to either try different styles or it might be joining your two favourite styles together. It is a class that can complement a CSTD syllabus class or can build you up to join a syllabus class. Tap helps strengthen your ankles and legs, to learn many rhythms and light and shade when dancing. While Jazz will help with strengthening your upper body, engaging your core and performance quality. So by doing one you’re enhancing the other and vice versa. You may feel that only Tap is your thing, or only jazz is your thing, but we encourage you to try the combo classes as you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy it.