Jazz Sub Senior & Senior

Jazz Sub Senior & Senior -Alongside the Comdance Syllabus classes, CDA also offer technique classes for Jazz. These classes are designed as a great extension for students, focusing on improving their technique and skills in the style of dance. Our technique classes are particularly beneficial for supporting students with their exam work, and will provide an opportunity for them to focus on the fundamentals. For example, in jazz, one week technique class may focus on building strength and translating this skill into elevation, the next they may focus on drilling turning and pirouette exercises. Therefore, their syllabus classes can focus entirely on the syllabus/exam content and preparation, so students feel well prepared for their Comdance exams.

Jazz Sub Senior & Senior classes are highly recommended if students are wishing to be selected to sit their exam. It not only gives us the extra opportunity for teachers to build skills in technique class, it also demonstrates to us the students who are committed to improving their dance practice. If students are not interested in exams, the technique classes are a great way to enjoy dance and build technique in an open style class environment.