Jazz is offered in both Exam and Open style classes and is available from 5yrs through to adults. 

Jazz is a fun and energetic class that has a high focus on technique, strength and flexibility. We offer classes from 5 years of age through to Adults and cater for those ‘who do it for fun’ and those who ‘want a career out of Dance’. ‘CSTD’ is a globally recognised Dance Society and our chosen syllabus for Modern Jazz Exams, which gain you nationally recognised skills and qualifications. Our Open classes are for those who don’t want the pressure of an exam but still enjoy the fast pace of jazz. Something new is our Combo Tap/Jazz Classes that involve 30 mins Tap and 30 mins Jazz. These two styles go hand in hand and really complement one another and the students gain the benefit of two styles in one class. Whether you are a jazz guru or have never tried the style before we have a class to suit you at CDA.