What are Troupes at Centenary Dance Academy?

Troupes are an extension upon the skills learnt in other classes taken at CDA and provides an opportunity to expand upon the skills learnt. Our Dance Troupes learn completely different choreography than their other classes and we be exposed to different styles. Our troupes are designed to be a fun but challenging experience for our dedicated dancers, and include workshops, weekly classes, events. The best perk of Performance Troupes are the extra chances the get to perform! This includes opportunities for dancers to showcase their work dancing at community events and the CDA Concert, as well as competing at eisteddfods.

How to get into Centenary Dance Academy Troupe?

Troupes are invitation only as it requires more dedication and hard work to commit to being part of our CDA Dance Troupes. Because of this we understand that Troupes are not for everyone.

Throughout the year in class teachers look for those students who convey the characteristics of a good dance troupe member and will encourage them to audition. For instance, dancers who work hard, have good class attendance, listen in class, work well in a team are well suited to be a troupe member. Additional desirable traits include always striving to improve, showing good technique, remembering choreography, and taking feedback on board.

There also costs associated with being in the performance troupe such as weekly class fees (4 terms), an annual levy to cover workshops, eisteddfod entries, and costumes.