CDA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I only have to enrol once? 

A: No, in order to keep your information up to date on our database we require you to enrol at the beginning of every year. 


Q: Do I have to enrol every term?

A: No, we do that for you to save your spot in class. Each term we copy over the rolls and keep your enrolment spot secure for the following term. 


Q: Do you run classes all year?

A: We run weekly timetabled classes based around the four QLD school terms which work out to be 10 week terms.


Q: When do you take enrolments? 

A:  Whenever you feel like dancing we are happy for you to join our CDA classes all year round!


Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: Yes, we do it just requires you to contact the admin team to organise the best plan for you


Q: Do you offer free trials for every class?

A: Yes, we offer free trials as it is a great way to find your perfect style. Feel free to trial as many genres as you like to find the best one for you.  


Q: Do you run classes on public holidays?

A: No, at CDA we do not run classes on Public Holidays.


Q: Do you run classes on school pupil free days?

A: Yes, we run classes on school pupil free days. 


Q: How do you communicate information about CDA to parents and guardians? 

A: There are a few ways that you will get information about classes and key information about CDA. Our main system of communication is via email which is where you will receive your term invoices (generated in Xero), class specific emails (generated in our Dancebiz software) through our Centenary Dance email. If we need to send out more urgent messages we will send the information via text. Other sources of information can be found on our public facebook and instagram accounts or our members facebook group. 


These emails, texts and social media updates will be from a few people in the CDA team such as the administration team (Lynette, Alistiar and Reception), the Director of Ballet or the Director of Tap & Jazz, and our social media marketing coordinator.  We do not share your personal information with third parties, we just use it to communicate news, events and what’s happening at CDA to you so you are always well informed and prepared.



Q: What happens if I miss a class? 

If you miss one of your scheduled classes please be in touch with the administrative staff. They will arrange a make-up class for you to attend in another time slot.