Delivered by Empowerdance (RTO 40397)

ELEVATE is a unique way for our students to study dance through us, Centenary Dance Academy, and Empowerdance Pty Ltd (RTO 40397). We are thrilled to be an approved provider with Empowerdance where our students can use the classes they participate in with us and put them towards a National qualification.

Each week Empowerdance master trainers conduct our theory classes for our students via an online classroom platform.All of their theory assessments are uploaded and completed through the quality online portal, which students will have access to, using their own log in.

Certificate III students will have the opportunity to learn alongside from our dance teachers gaining valuable insights from their years of experience.Students will also work alongside their peers for group assessments, allowing students to have flexibility with their learning.


– The CUA30120 Certificate III In Dance requires students to attend live online theory classes that will run for 2 hours per week over 45 weeks.


– Students choose their practical units that are then completed with us during our regular schedule with a minimum of 3 classes per week. The electives/styles students choose will determine how many hours are required to complete as a part of their Certification. Students are assessed in a performance setting within their annual dance performance, or competition routines.


Our students will:

– Study a National Qualification

– Submit all work directly to Empowerdance for assessment– Complete their work and assessments through a reliable online portal– Attend all theory sessions in a live online format, with our Chief trainers and assessors (weekly/intensives)– Receive trainer support– Learn content that is industry relevant– Receive an Empowerdance compliant Nationally Recognised Certificate & Record of Results upon completion of successful assessment– Have their results reported to AVETMISS– Learn in a limited cohort with their assigned chief trainer and assessor– Attend all of their required technique and practical classes in your studio. – Study the Empowerdance favourite electives

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