New in 2021

New in 2021

New in 2021

2021 Creative Dance 3-5y – Ballet, Tap & Jazz & Acro

If your 3-5 year old loves to move and dance, then our Creative Dance classes are just the thing!

In each class, children explore dance and creative movement, musicality and mime. The focus is on fun and enjoyment, with storytelling and props such as scarves, ribbons, hoops and bean bags a part of each and every lesson.

Children are inherently creative and possess the most wonderful imaginations. The ‘Creative’ in Creative Dance is important to us and we focus on developing and nurturing creativity and self-expression. Creative Dance classes provide opportunities for children to display their creative side and express themselves through movement and dance.

Enrol your child today for Creative Dance classes and let them experience the joy of dance


Creative Ballet Level One 3-4y

Creative Ballet Level Two 4-5y

Creative Tap and Jazz 3-5y

Creative & Mini Acro 3-7y

Preliminary Tap 5-8y

Preliminary Jazz (5-8y)


Song and Dance for 5-7y

Open Ballet Classes

Master Dance Classes


CSTD now – Comdance

The CSTD (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing) has rebranded to Comdance. Having been around since 1933 they wanted to modernise themselves. It is still the outstanding and professional Dance Body it has always been just with a fresher name. Comdance is for our Jazz and Tap exams so make sure to look out for Comdance not CSTD.