We will be having our Showcase and Performance Troupe Auditions this term for our 2020 Troupes. 

Students may attend an audition for Jazz, Tap and/or Ballet Troupes and if successful will then be advised and allocated into Showcase or Performance Troupe. CDA’s Showcase Troupes are a building block towards the Performance Troupes to enhance and extend our students performance opportunities.  

Hard work, determination, a positive attitude and teamwork are all essential for being a member of our troupes, including fun!  All students are required to be committed, attend all classes/rehearsals and be available for all performances from May through to December 2020. Confirmed performance dates will be available early in Term 1.  

Students interested in auditioning must be enrolled in a CDA Dance class – Ballet, Jazz or Tap.  

All Tap, Jazz and Ballet students from 8 years up are welcome to audition (Age as @ 1 January 2020)  


Troupe Audition Days/Times- Sumner Park Studio 

Thursday 12th December– Tap/Jazz Showcase and Performance Troupe Auditions  

5.00 – 6.00pm- Tap students 8 years and over  

6.00 -7.00pm- Jazz students 8 years and over  


Friday 13th December- Ballet Showcase and Performance Troupe Auditions 

4.30pm – 5.15pm Ballet students 8 years – 12 years   

5.15pm – 6.00pm Ballet students 13 years and over 

*Audition Fee $15.00 (new 2020 applicants only) 
*When you are registering each student will be asked to write a few lines about why they are auditioning for the CDA Troupe Team.  
Please note – ALL 2019 Showcase and 2019 Performance Troupe students will still need to register for the audition if interested in participating in a 2020 Troupe and attend the audition (No audition fee will apply)  
*If you are unable to attend the audition/s on the above dates please still register so we can audition you at another time. Please email us about your non-attendance so we can schedule in another audition date  [email protected]. Thank you 
Please register for the Troupe Auditions via TRYBOOKING LINK
2020 Troupe Classes (during each term) * Subject to change  
Tap and Jazz Performance Troupes –Thursdays (TBC) 
Ballet Performance Troupes – possibly Wednesdays (TBC)   
Tap and Jazz Showcase Troupes– Friday or Saturday mornings  (TBC) 
Ballet Showcase Troupes – possibly Saturdays (TBC) 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.  We look forward to seeing you all at the audition!